is aimed at providing to the teachers and to the evaluators a powerful tool for assessing the competencies and skills acquired by students during e-learning and/or blended learning courses and conventional classes. The student, once registered to LibreEOL web site, may enroll in the named exam and, once provided the password associated to the exam and notified by the teacher during the exam session, she/he can perform the assessment test. All questions are shown as a list; the student may respond to a given question, update a question, until the student considers the test completed and she/he send the responses to LibreEOL server. When all students completed their tests, the teacher may review and publish the results. The exam session may be then archived for future reference and for collecting the statistical information about the subject.

LibreEOL web site


Grid Learning Object REPository is a federation of Learning Object Distributed Repositories. Glorep consists of:
  • a set of servers, each one bearing a Content Management System (Drupal)
  • a set of clients requiring the services offered by the servers
  • a network (Internet) connecting the servers and allowing clients to use the available facilities after authentication.

And much more...

Book, e-book: Notes of lessons and printed materials with web services.
Educational unities and training: Illustration of concepts, methods and chemical procedures in a visual and telematic way.